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Sudo tips and tricks

forget to run the last command with sudo

sudo !!

If you forgot to open a file in vim with sudo

:w !sudo tee %

Don't log sudo calls in syslog for a specific user

Defaults:ldap !requiretty, !syslog

Install dependency when compiling from source

When you install some software from source it is always a pain to get the packages which are needed for dependency. Auto-apt is a package which solves this issue.

~$ apt-get install auto-apt
~$ auto-apt update
~$ auto-apt update-local
~$ auto-apt -y -x run ./configure .....

auto-apt will check during the configure run which packages are needed and installs them automatically.

Use perl to compare version numbers

~$ perl -wle 'print 1 unless "7.0.23-1" gt "7.0.25-2"'

Show memory consumption by process

~$ ps -e -orss=,args= | sort -b -k1,1n | pr -TW$COLUMNS

Bash hints

change to previous directory

cd -

change to home


rename many files at once

for f in *;do mv $f ${f/test/prod};done

ctrl-aMove cursor to beginning of line
ctrl-eMove cursor to end of line
meta-bMove cursor back one word
meta-fMove cursor forward one word
ctrl-wCut the last word
ctrl-uCut everything before the cursor 
ctrl-kCut everything after the cursor
ctrl-yPaste the last thing to be cut

do a fast backup of file

cp test1.cfg{,.bak}

do a fast copy and replace

cp $a ${a/1/2}


untar a gzipped file
$ gzip -dc | tar -tf -        # show content of file
$ gzip -dc | tar -xvf -     # extract files

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