Cloud Services

Cloud Storage

Have you ever been asking what happens to my pictures of my mobile if it gets broken or stolen?

We have the answer and service:

  • You pictures gets automatically saved/synched to your cloud storage. Anytime, Anywhere
  • Your contacts, appointments will get synchronized between your devices (mobile, PC, tablet...)

What about your passwords and important documents?

We provide:

  • A highly secure password and document store (Psono)
  • Fill login forms automatically, also possible at your mobile
  • Recovery codes, in case you lost your master password
  • multi factor authentication (yubikey, Duo, OTP) for more security
  • Emergency codes, in case something happens to you and your partner needs some documents, passwords

Technical information:

  • Nextcloud (latest version)
  • Psono Password Manager 


Why using a big email provider and be limited by addresses, accounts or any other feature you ever wanted?

Use your own mail service:

  • As many addresses, accounts you ever wanted
  • Control your spam filters, mail rules
  • IMAP, POP3 and webinterface support
  • Send mails at a given time and date

 Technical information:

  • Postfix (latest version)
  • Dovecot (latest version)
  • Spamassassin (latest version)
  • Postfixadmin (latest version)


Did you ever be concerned by using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger about data protection or how many data they collect from you?

No worries, use a chat server which doesn't collect any data from you. We provide your own chat service which uses Element as a client.
This client can run on mobiles, PCs, tablets.

Element uses also end-to-end encryption to protect your private messages to anyone. You can recover any encrypted chat if your device gets lost, broken or stolen. It uses a decentralized infrastructure, so you don't have to worry about any outages.

Technical information:

  • synapse (homeserver)
  • Element (latest version for web client)


Whenever you were asking, how can I create my own website or online shop? Stop asking yourself, just use this service. You will get a Wordpress installation with full privileges. You can install any plugin, template etc. 

Technical information:

  • Wordpress (latest version)